If you think an EMI is restricted to expensive vehicles, homes and electronic appliances, you’ll be happy to know that’s not the case anymore.  You can purchase a wide range of products and services using no-cost EMI options without a debit or credit card. Sounds good, right?

Here is a list of nine things you can comfortably buy using a no-cost EMI plan.

1. Everything E-commerce

Amazon has become the go-to market place for most of us. We don’t buy things anymore, we simply ‘Amazon It’. Now, you can ‘Amazon’ or ‘Flipkart’ pretty much anything from clothes to smartphones to even kitchen appliances for your home. With the option to now buy on EMI and pay in affordable monthly installments, there’s nothing there that’s too expensive for you. All you need to do is choose the ZestMoney under the Amazon EMI options or Flipkart EMI options when you’re checking out. If you have already unlocked your ZestMoney credit, then you can buy virtually anything on Amazon/Flipkart with it. A cardless EMI Amazon purchase is the way to go!

2. Fashion

When it comes to fashion, our choices are continuously changing. And online fashion stores such as Myntra are making things easier than ever before to switch up our looks and try out the latest fashion trends. But a whole new wardrobe does come with a heavy price tag. If your budget is stopping you from looking your fashionable best, then you’ll be excited to learn that you can now buy clothes on EMI! With no-cost EMI options, it has become very easy for anyone to purchase premium clothes on EMI. So check out your Myntra EMI options and check-out your cart too!

3. Online Courses

There are several valuable courses offered by top universities such as BITS Pilani and partners across industries. You can learn anything from top courses on data science and machine learning to professional development courses right from the comfort of your home and in your own time. Some of the best websites which offer these online courses include Greatlearning, Udacity and UpGrad. But here’s the catch. Often, these courses are very expensive and drain out your pockets instantly. Everybody deserves to learn from the best.  With a no-cost interest free EMI to pay for your courses, you can learn leisurely and guilt-free!

4. Spa Sessions

 We all love a luxury spa session. But while the session promises to relax you, the steep prices can make you stressed out. These days, an indulgent spa session doesn’t have to be an unrealistic aspiration.  Lack of money in your account shouldn’t be a reason to forgo a de-stress session. Enjoy now and pay in your own time with the option to buy on EMI. A no-cost EMI Spa session at a place like Four Fountains De-Stress Spa will give you the mental de-stressing you didn’t even know you needed!

5. Flights on EMI

Have you ever started planning a holiday but given up once you saw the cost of the flight tickets? With a no-cost EMI plan, that will never happen again! Several portals like Makemytrip and Yatra offer an option to pay for flights on EMI.  This helps you find affordable flight tickets to buy on EMI and pay for them over an extended period of your time. 

6. Interest-free Insurance payments

Be it health, travel or motor insurance, a large chunk of money suddenly vanishes from your account on a regular basis when you’re paying for them.  This can be made much better if you could pay off all of them with a no-cost EMI. Royal Sundaram General Insurance is one such company which offers no-cost EMIs. Now, you’ll leisurely be paying off small amounts of money over a period of time. This means saving up for all other things you love!

7. Gym memberships

One reason we refuse to work out is because going to a gym is a very expensive affair. It can cost anywhere between 25k to 50k a year. That’s a lot to shell out at once, especially at the beginning of the year. But what if there was an option to buy on EMI and pay for it in small instalments? You can now get fit interest-free! Cure Fit gives you great EMI options to start working out. No more excuses!

8. Dream vacations

There’s nothing more exciting than spending a week on the white beaches of Maldives, or staring out at Himalayan sunsets through a nice hotel room window. But holidays can be so expensive! You work hard and save up for months and months, and even then your savings might not be enough to pay for your dream vacation. You can now book flight tickets, hotels and holiday packages on portals such as Makemytrip , Pickyourtrail , Yatra and HappyEasyGo with a no-cost EMI.  So stop thinking and start planning that vacation!

9. Home rental services

You’ve obviously heard of paying back home loans in EMIs. But now it has become possible to also pay your rent in EMIs. Several home rental services such as Nestaway allow you to pay a security deposit and rent with easy no-cost EMIs.With ZestMoney, you can avail all these unique EMI benefits without a debit or credit card. Sign up now and make all your wishes come true!

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