With gender roles breaking stereotypes, a home washing machine is an appliance used by almost everyone in the household. For whatever reason, if you have decided to buy a new washing machine for your home, it is applaudable that you want to do some research before you go ahead and spend your valuable money because true adulthood is when you properly analyze and compare products before investing in them. 

So if you’re moving into a new house, or if your current home washing machine has called it quits and given up on you, and you don’t know where to start on how to buy a washing machine, we have got your back as always and made a list of some of the best washing machine features and some important things to consider before choosing the best type of washing machine for your sweet home.

1.Loading type:

While the majority of us opt for top-loading washing machines, it is actually the front loading washing machines that are more efficient. Front-loaders use one-third of energy, water, and detergent requirements when compared to top-loaders. In terms of pricing, front loaders do demand a higher initial investment but eventually save a lot of money on monthly bills. 

This being said, top loaders too, have some advantages to them. Along with being less expensive, they are also ergonomically-friendly and tend to clean clothes better while treating them with care. Keeping these pros and cons in mind, you can choose a home washing machine that suits your needs best.

2.Energy and water consumption:

Energy and water-efficiency are one of the best washing machine features. These washing machines are not a necessity but do save a lot of money in the long run. Most energy and water-efficient machines use upto 25% less energy and 33% less water than regular washing machines. Over the lifetime of the product, a significant amount of money can be saved by opting for energy and water-efficient machines. The BEE rating or BEE star rating is a scale of 5. The higher the rating is, the more energy-efficient the machine is. When beginning to search for different types of washing machines, it is useful to check the energy star rating.

3.Capacity and Size:

Depending on the size of the family, you will need to invest in a washing machine that has the drum capacity to fulfill your family’s needs. Most washing machines range from sizes 5 to 12 kgs of dry clothes. For a family of 1-2 persons, a home washing machine of 5-6 drum capacity is plenty while for a family of 4-5 persons, a minimum of 8kg drum capacity is essential. 

It is also important to consider the size of the washing machine with regard to space in the house and the measurement of your doors. A washing machine is not dismantlable and hence can be very difficult to place in your home if you don’t measure or plan a place for it prior to buying it.

4.Fabric Care:

Although we don’t think about it, a washing machine benefits and actively washes a lot of different types of fabrics. While curtains and tablecloths are thick and woven, bed linens and delicate clothes are thinner and require more care when washing. The same goes for regular clothing and party wear. It’s a good idea to look for different types of washing machines that have washing options for all types of fabrics. Otherwise, your more delicate clothes might get ripped or frayed over time.

5.Semi or Fully Automatic:

The traditional washing machine is one of the different types of washing machines that involves two tubs – one for washing and one for drying. This means you will have to manually transfer clothes into the drying tub after each washing session. In addition to this, semi-automatic machines are also bigger in size and occupy more space. Thus, if you’re looking for a time-saving and space-saving solution, this might not be the best solution for you.

In contrast to this, fully automatic washing machines are modern devices that need no human intervention and do the washing and drying process by itself. Most of the best type of washing machines in the market today are fully automatic and are available in a wide range of prices.

Additional best features for washing machines:

Hard water processing:

Most areas in India still have only hard water supplied. A regular home washing machine running on hard water develops a whitish salt deposit inside the drum, which hardens and hinders the proper functioning of the washing machine. Opting for a machine that can process and convert hard water to soft water, will make sure your machine doesn’t get damaged in the long run. This feature is one of the best washing machine features you should invest in.

Temperature control:

For baby clothes, small soft toys, and other fabrics that require hot water for proper cleaning and sterilization, and for vibrant and dyed clothing that require cold water, it is better to invest in a washing machine that offers temperature control. Most washing machines provide separate pipes outlets for hot and cold water.

Child lock:

Speaking of babies, if you have a small child, it is absolutely vital to choose a washing machine that comes with a child lock. This is especially important if you’re choosing a front load washer. Children love exploring their surroundings, so a washing machine with a child lock can ensure that they have a safe environment to do so and is one of the best washing machine benefits.

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If you prefer soaking your clothes in water and detergent before actually washing them, you can even opt for washing machines that offer the pre-soaking feature. This would enable you to leave your clothes in the machine while it fills the tub with water and starts the washing process after the preferred amount of time.

With these tips, you will understand some of the best features for washing machines as well as how to buy a washing machine that best suits the needs of your family!

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