We are on a mission to make life more affordable for India using tech-led solutions.
Now, as simple as that sounds, it takes work. Which is where you come in. But first things, first.
At our core
We’re in the business of helping millions of Indians find the path to financial freedom by reimagining the way we transact. And for this to work, we believe in a few simple tenets that work for us.
We listen to one another
No one is too small to be heard - and we’ve found it does wonders to the work.
We keep it simple
What you see is what you get at Zest. And there’s nothing more energizing than a workplace that embraces that kind of honesty and transparency. Trust us, we know.
We are less about work, more about purpose
We’re not a company that gives Indians credit. We’re a company that gives Indians credit that’s long overdue. See the difference?
We believe the best is yet to come
We are a company that is always work-in-progress. It helps us stay rooted, stay focussed.
Work, life, balanced
Why Zest
Working at Zest can be a fulfilling experience. But did you know it can be rewarding too?
We offer pay packages that compare with the very best in the industry.
We offer employee stock options to help you stay invested, right from Day One.
We offer you opportunities to make cross-functional moves that help you leverage your strengths.
We offer medical cover for you and your dependents.
We have a no-questions-asked unlimited sick leave policy to help you recoup.
We foster a culture of constant learning with workshops and masterclasses all year round.
We believe in a level playing field for all without regard to religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or age.