Security Information

At ZestMoney, we are dedicated to giving our customers the best experience by ensuring their safety and protecting their information at all costs.

Your account safety is important to us and so, we’d like you to be informed of the various external threats that you may come across with respect to your account. Here are a few that we’d like you to be aware of.

Account safety
How to keep your ZestMoney account safe?
Sharing your OTP with strangers is the easiest way for fraudsters to access your account. In such cases it is important to be cautious and keep the following points in mind:
NEVER share your OTP or personal information with ANYONE via calls, text messages, emails or social media. If the caller claims to be a ZestMoney representative, they will NEVER ask you for sensitive information like sharing OTP.
Never click on or download our app through unrecognized links sent through text messages or emails; this may be an attempt at phishing which may lead you to malicious websites and ultimately compromise your privacy
Common mistakes to avoid/Things to keep in mind to keep your account safe
Small steps make a huge difference.
Auto-updates must be turned on to keep up with new security measures.
Enable push notifications for instant updates on your account.
Never download the app from an untrusted source. Always use reliable sources, head over to our website. Or download from:
What if you lose your phone?
In case your phone is stolen or lost, don’t panic. Just follow these steps immediately:
Register an FIR for a stolen mobile phone at your nearest police station and inform your network provider to block your number.
Block your account by reaching out to ZestMoney customer
support 7440084400
Generate a new SIM for your original number within 24 hours.
Does ZestMoney ever ask customers for any Personal details?
ZestMoney only asks for your personal details at the time of creating your online account. We never ask for personal details or OTPs over a phone call. Never share such sensitive information with anyone.
Types of Fraud and Fraudsters
What are some common forms of fraud?
- These may be in the form of fake calls with lucrative offers and links that lead you to malicious websites.
- Individuals with fake handles under ZestMoney’s name may reach out to you with false information. Whenever you receive such messages, ensure that the social media handle is valid. These are our only social media links. We do not have any other accounts.
- Through hacking of your password and OTP a fraudster may take control of your account and identity.
What are some common forms of fraud?
If you receive calls or emails that seem dubious and proceed to ask for information like your OTP, block the number immediately. Fraudsters may also send you links to download malicious apps, in such cases please do not indulge in further conversation.
How to reach out to real ZestMoney representatives.
Ensure that the number you have received a call or message from is valid - this can be done through our website.
In case of queries please reach out to our CS support team
You can also reach out to us on our social media platforms:
Please note, our accounts are verified and have a blue tick next to the handle name. Always remember that
Victims of Fraud
What to do when your account is compromised?
Immediately reach out to us on help@zestmoney.in so we can block your account and guide you through the process.
Lodge a complaint with the Cyber Crime unit (https://cybercrime.gov.in). Once the crime is reported, you will receive an acknowledgement number.
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