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What does no-cost EMI mean?

A no-cost EMI is an offer where you can pay for a product or service in affordable monthly installments with zero interest on your chosen tenure. This means that you are only paying for the total price of the product, with no interest charges.

Where can you use a no-cost EMI?

Have you ever found yourself eyeing the latest range of smartphones and wishing you could replace your old, outdated mobile with a trendier one? We’ve all been there – scrolling for hours, looking at the new features, and watching unboxing videos, only to realize the price is too high for you to pay. And it’s not just phones – it’s the same with a variety of products and services. Well, what if we tell you that you can buy all these products in an affordable manner? That’s right! You can now purchase products and pay for them later in instalments and we call this EMIs.

Many brands these days have added a variety of payment options for your convenience. Of these, Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) plans have taken India’s e-commerce economy by storm, with a lot more people availing the payment plan being offered.

Statistics show that almost one out of every two Indians is open to taking a loan to improve their lifestyle.

Apart from regular EMI plans, a new version has emerged that makes life more affordable than ever before: No-cost EMI. A wide range of no-cost EMI products has been made available by retailer platforms which include consumer durables and expensive items like mobile phones, laptops, cars, TVs, and more.

However, it is important for you to know that a processing fee or Technology Usage Charge is not the same as the amount charged as interest. ZestMoney and/or the lender may charge a Technology Usage Charge or the processing fee as per the terms and conditions of the loan.

We hope this article help you understand the No-Cost EMI better. Visit this space for more information.

Chapter 1:

What is no-cost EMI?

When you avail a regular EMI plan, you sign up to pay the price of a product over a period of a fixed few months in equal installments. Most EMI options charge you a high interest-rate. Because of this, you actually have to pay more for a certain product in the long-run. A no-cost EMI, on the other hand, has no interest fee.  

Purchases of expensive goods and services over a no-cost EMI plan are convenient because, with the high prices of many of these products, not everyone can afford to pay out of pocket at one go. Even if you have a credit card with a low credit score, you can avail no-cost EMI credit card to make purchases. 

Mobile Phones







Online educational courses

There are also a lot of things people don’t know they can buy on EMI with ease, like holidays on EMI and flight tickets on EMI.

Enjoy the convenience of no-cost EMI without a credit card

Chapter 2:

Advantages of no-cost EMI

If you are planning on using a no-cost EMI plan to fund your next purchase, here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect.

1. All your needs become affordable

Birthdays, festivals and special occasions like anniversaries are definitely cause for celebration, but they can also be expensive affairs. You might want to purchase a new phone for your father’s birthday as a token of your appreciation for him, but you might not have the savings to do so. With no-cost EMI, all these expenses are within your reach! Since you don’t require a credit score or a credit card to get started, you can complete your purchase easily. So whether you are planning on upgrading your phone, booking a holiday or enrolling in a certification course to upskill your career, you can fund it through no-cost EMI.


2. Zero Interest cost

Unlike traditional EMI plans, a no-cost EMI plan has zero interest cost. This makes your purchase even more affordable!


3. You can avail it on multiple platforms

You can avail EMI on a host of online and offline merchants. Have a look at some popular online retailers that have no-cost EMI offers on their products.

• Online retailers:

• Travel merchants:

• Fashion:

• Furniture:

• Educational websites:

• Health:

4. Easily available online

Traditionally no-cost EMIs have been offered by banks to customers who have a credit or debit card after doing some paperwork. However, the new-age fintech platform ZestMoney is breaking ground by providing no-cost EMI offers to everyone who has stable financials. 

Since the process is completely online, you can avail no-cost EMI offers from ZestMoney even if you don’t have a credit card, debit card or credit score. Simply enter your details for the KYC process and avail no-cost EMI on your Aadhaar card. Additionally, ZestMoney EMI has zero pre-closure fees. 

This way, if you get a bonus or save up enough, you can make a bulk payment and clear your monthly payments well in advance.

So whether you are looking to purchase a new laptop or book a vacation, be it offline or online, now you can afford it without paying extra charges on EMI payments.

Get access to no-cost EMI on 3000+ brands

Chapter 3 :

How to avail no-cost EMI?

No-cost EMI products are easier to purchase than you might think. However, for first-time users, venturing into an unknown payment plan can be a little intimidating. To make this process simpler for you to understand, we have laid out a step-by-step guide. This will help you know what to expect and what documents you will require in order to apply for a no-cost EMI.

Sign up with ZestMoney using your mobile number, complete your profile and you will get to know your credit limit. Your credit limit is the total amount of money you can pay using ZestMoney EMI.

Submit your KYC documents and activate your credit limit.

Once your credit limit is active, visit any of the 3000+ online or offline merchant partners and choose the product or service that you want to buy.

If you are visiting an online partner store (Amazon, Flipkart, Makemytrip, Yatra etc), choose your product on the partner site and go to checkout. Under EMI options, select ZestMoney EMI as your payment method. Choose your EMI plan (tenure) and pay. And it’s as simple as that! Your product will ship to you, and payments will be deducted from your account according to the tenure you have selected.

If you are visiting an offline store (Croma, LifeStyle, Mi Home, etc.), ask the cashier to process your purchase using ZestMoney. The cashier may process the payment using OTP approval or you might need to give him a gift voucher code. Open the ZestMoney app/website, choose the merchant, enter the amount that you want to pay by EMI and purchase your gift voucher online. Give this gift voucher code to the cashier and you are done!

Take the first step to interest-free EMI and start shopping

Chapter 4 :

No-cost EMI on phones

Almost every month, a new smartphone is introduced, with updated features and the latest ergonomic designs. And with new phones entering the market so often, technophiles are always on the lookout for the latest gizmos.

The only challenge to getting your hands on the best phone in the market is, of course, the cost. However, these are no longer unaffordable thanks to the availability of no-cost EMI products both online as well as in physical stores. Here’s how and where you can get no-cost EMI options on your next smartphone purchase.

Buy a phone without saving up for it

The option of zero down payment mobile phones means that you don’t need to have ready savings in your bank account if you want to buy a phone. With the choice to buy a phone on EMI, you can even purchase the latest Vivo or Mi phone without having to pay the full price immediately.

Flexible repayment periods

Many online shoppers buy mobiles on EMI since breaking down the payment on a 6-month basis is lighter on the pocket, whereas paying full price is likely to burn a hole in your wallet. It also helps that most retailers, both online and offline, sell no-cost EMI phones on their websites and in their offline stores. Several retailers offer convenient tenures that range anywhere between 3-month instalments and 36-month instalments, giving you all the more flexibility.

Where can you buy a mobile on EMI?

The most popular online platforms to avail EMI on mobile phones in India are Amazon and Flipkart. No-cost EMI on Flipkart and no-cost EMI on Amazon are available options in addition to the discounts that run throughout the year.

In case you don’t have a credit card or even a debit card, you can still buy a mobile on EMI by availing mobile EMI on Aadhaar card details using ZestMoney.

No-cost EMI on phones ensures that you won’t have to pay any interest throughout the payment tenure.

Here are a few of ZestMoney’s partnerships with which you can buy a mobile on EMI:

1. Amazon EMI

There are plenty of Amazon EMI options for those looking to buy a phone on EMI. Whether it’s an Amazon refurbished phone or a branded EMI smartphone, like an iPhone on EMI or the option of a plan for the Redmi Note 7 Pro EMI, ZestMoney’s partnership with Amazon has you covered.

2. Flipkart EMI

Flipkart no-cost EMI also allows you to avail EMI on refurbished smartphones and unboxed mobiles, and of course, brand new phones. Simply choose ZestMoney among the Flipkart EMI options when you check out.

3. Xiaomi EMI

A Mi phone on EMI is easily available on the company’s own website. While you cannot buy refurbished smartphones on their platform the way you can on Amazon or Flipkart, you can buy a phone on EMI like the Mi Note 7 Pro, with a guaranteed warranty and other similar benefits.

4. Sangeetha EMI

Sangeetha sells EMI mobile phones across its chain of stores in the country, as well as on its online stores. With huge sales and discounts throughout the year, Sangeetha is a leading seller of brands of all sorts. Be it an iPhone X on EMI, iPhone 7 plus refurbished, or slightly budget-friendly options like the OnePlus 6T EMI or even the Redmi Note 7 Pro refurbished.

5. Croma EMI

Croma’s EMI smartphone availability has helped many people realize their dream of purchasing better electronic gadgets without hurting their wallets too bad. They provide zero down payment mobile phones from a plethora of brands, and to top it off, these no-cost EMI phones can be purchased with a guaranteed warranty and return policies from across their stores, both online and offline.

Get your credit limit and buy your next smartphone on EMI

Chapter 5 :

No-cost EMI on laptops

A lot of research goes into buying a laptop since there are so many brands to look out for, each offering a plethora of specs with the latest technology. Since a laptop can be a very expensive device and lasts you for a few years, you will need to choose a laptop with great care. The no-cost EMI option on laptops has made purchasing one very affordable, regardless of which model you are choosing.

How to buy a laptop on EMI?

Many choose to buy laptops online instead of offline because retailers online tend to provide better payment options and warranty policies. Online E-commerce brands are also known to offer better discounts than their in-store counterparts.

EMI on laptops has become a very popular payment method, with almost every online retailer offering no-cost EMI on laptops even without a credit card. This is especially helpful for students who do not meet the credit card eligibility criteria to procure a loan.

Where to purchase a laptop on EMI

Some of ZestMoney’s partner stores have the option to buy laptops on EMI with hassle-free EMI plans. Stores like Croma offer MacBook Pro EMI and MacBook Air EMI, along with other laptops on EMI online.

Other partner stores like Amazon and Flipkart also offer no-cost EMI on laptops even without credit cards while offering warranty periods for the same. These platforms offer products from a wide range of brands. For instance, you could get the latest Dell laptops on EMI, Lenovo laptops on EMI and even certain HP products by paying in instalments.

Buy the latest laptops on EMI with your ZestMoney credit

Chapter 6 :

No-cost EMI on clothes

Many people are familiar with the concept of EMI on electronics and furniture, but not many are aware that you can purchase clothes on EMI as well! Fashion is a means of expression, and shouldn’t be restricted by your savings and your budget. Have you ever wanted to buy the latest lehenga choli for a festive season or the best wedding sherwani for a cousin’s marriage, but you weren’t able to because of the price tag attached to these clothes? With no-cost EMI, you can gear up to be the most fashionable person in every room you walk into!

Where can you avail no-cost EMI on clothes?

Since financial restrictions can limit spending, brands have taken to offering a range of EMI plans to help customers make purchases. Here are some of the best places you can shop from using no-cost EMI.

1. Myntra

Myntra EMI is by far the most popular, especially because EMI on Myntra allows shoppers to choose from over 500 international and domestic brands. So if you have products just sitting in your wishlist but haven’t purchased them yet, Myntra EMI can help fund your payment!

2. Flyrobe

Flyrobe offers a new approach altogether to shopping. Flyrobe allows people to rent clothes out for events, from anywhere between 2 days to 4 months. They offer a line of bespoke ethnic and western clothes. Since buying these garments is usually a high price to pay, especially for weddings, no-cost EMI on Flyrobe is an ideal solution that helps you save a lot of money.

3. Large multi-brand outlets

Large scale outlets across India like Lifestyle, Planet Fashion, Big Bazaar, FBB and Pantaloons offer no-cost EMI when you pay with ZestMoney. Since these stores have a wide range of products, including clothes, accessories, shoes and more, there’s no limit to what you can purchase on EMI from them.

4. Luxury wristwatch brands

An elegant watch is one of the most understated, yet powerful, style statements you can make. However, classic watch brands tend to be very expensive, making them unaffordable for many. These days, brands like Titan, Ethos, and Helios offer no-cost EMI on watches through ZestMoney. Using this option, you can purchase your dream watch without breaking the bank!

5. Premium apparel brands

Formal wear and handmade ethnic wear tend to be more expensive because of the level of work and detail that go into them. ZestMoney has partnered with premium apparel retailers like Turms, Ogaan, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Fab India to give you the option of no-cost EMI when you shop from these brands.

6. Stylish accessories brands

Looking for the perfect leather wallet to complete your look? Brands that sell accessories like bags, clutches, purses, shoes, etc., such as Hidesign, Neeman’s and Flatheads have partnered with ZestMoney to make no-cost EMI on accessories accessible to everyone!

Shop from the biggest fashion brands with ZestMoney credit

Chapter 7 :

No-cost EMI on furniture

A high percentage of Indians – almost 60% of Indian workers – move from one job to another within the first few years of their employment.

This has resulted in many Indians moving from city to city for jobs and renting new homes more frequently. The renting of homes and the purchase of furniture have both seen growth as a direct result of this.

Advantages of no-cost EMI on Furniture

The right furniture can be the difference between a house and a home. A comfortable couch to snuggle up in after a long day, a sturdy dining table to have family meals at and a large bed to relax in are some of the most important elements in any home.

However, furniture is also one of the most expensive purchases for your home that you can make. Simply buying modern dressing table furniture online can sometimes also be more than your monthly income. Because of this, no-cost EMI on furniture can be a huge boon if you are looking to set up your house or simply give your home a makeover.

The advent of furniture rentals

Renting furniture is also a new trend, and more working professionals avail this option since it allows them to own furniture without commitments. People can own furniture for the duration they require it, and when or if they decide to move, they need not deal with the hassle of moving it with them or selling it. They can simply send it back to the retailer! Some even opt to rent furniture as it allows them to keep up with design trends and re-do their home decor to keep their interiors in vogue.

Where can you find furniture on EMI?

Online platforms have made it easier to browse wider collections of furniture, and most offer EMI options. ZestMoney has partnered with several brands, both online and offline, that offer furniture on EMI without credit card.

Here is a list of brands that offer furniture on EMI:

1. Home Centre

Home Centre is one of the leading home retailers in the country. It is one of the most preferred home shopping destinations with over 100 stores worldwide. They offer many different kinds of premium home furnishings, at a range of affordable prices.

Some no-cost EMI products that they offer include dining tables, dressers, tables, chairs, shelves, wardrobes, and bar furniture. Their most popular products include sofa sets on EMI and beds on EMI.

2. GrabOnRent

GrabOnRent is a rental platform that allows customers to rent furniture for a duration of their choice. This brand has taken off for how smooth sailing the process handling is, as well as their doorstep delivery service. 

You can choose products from their listings online, or request a certain product from their vendors. Be it sofa sets on EMI, beds on EMI or procuring any other furniture, you can have it all, when you pay with ZestMoney.

3. Sleepy Cat

A new solution for mattress buying, Sleepy Cat is an innovative brand that offers mattresses on EMI. Their mattresses are offered in 4 different styles with different materials, and in different sizes as well. Each mattress is made of a premium gel memory foam to ensure uninterrupted sleep. They also sell pillows, mattresses on EMI for babies, and a ‘smart base’, which is an affordable bed frame that fits their mattresses best.

With their 0% no-cost EMI on furniture enabled through ZestMoney, Sleepy Cat is one affordable and premium brand that guarantees undisturbed sleep.

4. Flo

Another new brand that sells mattresses on EMI, Flo offers two variants of mattresses, each designed with comfort in mind, as well as quality sleep. They offer a 10-year warranty, hassle-free doorstep delivery, and even a 100-night trial period. Their beds on EMI start as low as around INR 500 a month and is an affordable sleep solution, available exclusively online through ZestMoney.

Give your home a makeover with ZestMoney no-cost EMI

Chapter 8 :

No-cost EMI holidays

Everyone dreams of jetting off to their dream destination for the perfect holiday. But travel packages can be quite expensive, with the costs of travel, accommodation and food usually being very high. Not to mention the fact that searching for hotel bookings on one site and making flight bookings on another can leave you flustered.

How to book affordable vacations on EMI

Online platforms like MakeMyTrip and Yatra are some of the most popular online travel companies that allow customers to manage their holidays in one place. You can pay for holiday packages and flights on these platforms using ZestMoney to avail the no-cost EMI option. Through this, you can book EMI tour packages and start planning your next big vacation without worrying about the cost! These platforms often have discounts on package deals and offer flights on EMI as well as holiday packages on EMI.

Companies like Pickyourtrail offer customizable holiday packages with EMI options that turn budget international trips into a reality for many. Whether you’re looking for an adventure holiday, a beach vacation, a family getaway, a solo trip for women, or a honeymoon package on EMI, Pickyourtrail offers every kind of holiday on EMI.

For cheap air flight tickets, Happy Easy Go offers several affordable options. You can save even more money by booking flights on EMI through ZestMoney.

With ZestMoney EMI, you’ll have access to some of India’s leading travel agencies and their no cost air tickets on EMI and holiday packages on EMI.

Pay for your next holiday with ZestMoney no-cost EMI

Chapter 9 :

No-cost EMI on online courses

With over 5 million students taking online courses every year, online learning has become a popular and effective option for students and working professionals. Not only do they allow you to learn at your own pace and in your own time, but the most reputed platforms offer courses taught by professionals in their field. 

Course packages also include the costs of any online reference material, ensuring you don’t have to pay extra for textbooks. You can now save more by procuring an instant student loan online through no-cost EMI on online courses with ZestMoney’s education partnerships! 

From online tuition classes with CueMath, coding courses with Coding Ninjas, and UpGrad machine learning courses, to learning programs with BITS Pilani, SimpliLearn, IntelliPaat, and more, get instant loans for students to achieve your dreams.

You can get online loans for students through no-cost EMI with the following leading websites for professional courses:

1. UpGrad

One of the leading names in the industry of online courses for professionals, UpGrad offers programs in the fields of data science, technology, and management. With academic partnerships from across the globe, UpGrad courses can be availed with a student loan online, allowing you to build your skill set with dedicated mentorship, expert career guidance, and courses built with the top universities and industries.

2. Udacity

With esteemed faculty that have exercised their knowledge in the real world, Udacity provides its students with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 employees as their guidance faculty. 

They have a network of 1400+ faculty members who provide support round the clock. The most unique aspect of this institute is that it prepares its students for real life challenges and ongoing problems to perform better and apply what they have learned for the greater good.

The best part, students who are not financially stable can also procure Udacity’s tutelage thanks to their EMI packages and online education loan schemes. 

3. Greatlearning

With faculty and certifications from reputed universities, Greatlearning’s programs are some of the best in the business. They offer a range of courses in different learning domains, and their programs are designed to equip students with skills that the leading global companies are on the lookout for. Greatlearning has the highest alumni success rates in the industry, and offers an online education loan with their EMI packages to make learning accessible to all.

So now that you know all there is to know about no-cost EMI in India, as well as the large number of brands that offer this payment option, you can be smarter about your future purchases. 

Even if you don’t have a credit card, you can procure cardless EMI and be rest assured that your budget will remain intact and that you never have to click “add to wishlist” again!


  • How does no-cost EMI work?

    No Cost is EMI is an offer when you pay for product in installments without any interest cost. The monthly installments are paid to the EMI provider which are equally divided over your repayment timeline. For example: if you buy a smartphone for Rs 15000 at a 3 month tenure. You will have to pay Rs 5000 for 3 months to your EMI provider, which will be a total of Rs 15000 at the end of 3 months without any interest cost included.

  • How can I get no cost EMI?

    If you’re wondering, “How does no cost EMI work?”, its quite simple. Register with ZestMoney and activate your account online. When you make a purchase through ZestMoney EMI, simply choose the no cost EMI plan. You can use ZestMoney no cost EMI at our 3000+ partners like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Myntra, Paytm, LifeStyle, Croma etc.

  • What are the benefits of using ZestMoney EMI?

    ZestMoney offers a lot of benefits like no cost EMI, 0 pre-closure fees, and an option to shop at 3000+ merchant partners for clothing, travel, furniture, insurance or education. Also, you can create a ZestMoney account within minutes as the complete process is online.

  • How can I get no cost EMI on Flipkart?

    Signup with ZestMoney and get your credit limit. On the Flipkart payment page, choose ZestMoney no cost EMI plan under the EMI Options.

  • How can I get no cost EMI on Amazon?

    Signup with ZestMoney and get your credit limit. On the Amazon payment page, choose ZestMoney no cost EMI plan under the EMI Options.

  • Can I buy a mobile at no-cost EMI?

    Yes, you can purchase any product on no cost EMI with ZestMoney account when you shop with our partners.

  • Can I use ZestMoney no cost EMI in a walk-in store?

    Yes, ZestMoney has partnered with many walkin stores like LifeStyle, Croma, Sangeetha Mobiles etc. You can check the list of our walkin stores here.

  • Can I get no cost EMI without credit card?

    Absolutely! When you create your account with ZestMoney, we don’t ask you for your credit card details.

Enroll yourself in online courses from top partners with ZestMoney EMI