Simplilearn is a global leading certification training provider, who works with companies and individuals to cater to their specific learning needs. Simplilearn online courses is where you will find standardized online courses and free learning resources such as articles, webinars, lectures, eBooks and many more. They offer some of the best courses for professional development, right from data science programs, PMP, AI Engineering to Simplilearn digital marketing courses. 

Before understanding about Simplilearn digital marketing courses and what they offer, let us understand who a digital marketing specialist is and what their role is.

What does a digital marketing specialist do?

Digital marketing specialists strategize and execute successful online marketing campaigns. They can identify who a brand’s target audience is, where to reach out to them and the best way to do so. 

With every brand going digital today, the demand for experienced and knowledgeable digital marketing specialists has skyrocketed. In fact, along with a career in data science, digital marketing is expected to be the fastest growing job market in 2020. If you want to future-proof your career, therefore, it is extremely important to learn the skills and abilities required to become a digital marketing expert.

Simplilearn digital marketing courses 

Simplilearn digital marketing courses are completely flexible and remote. If you want to build your career around such digital marketing courses with certificates, then Simplilearn training will help you reach your goals faster. Here are some programs to give you a good idea of which might be the right Simplilearn digital marketing online courses for you.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course

Mastering the search engine is a primary skill for any digital marketing expert. With Simplilearn, you get to understand and tackle key website optimization solutions to implement personalized SEO strategies. This is the most effective way to promote a brand, service or product so that it reaches the right audience. This Simplilearn digital marketing course helps standardize aspects such as data, content marketing, proficiency and analytics with site optimization to make your search engine marketing efforts perfect.

2.Advanced Email Marketing Certification Training

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to deliver personalized content to a brand’s audience and encourage conversions. Simplilearn offers a course that can help you master the art of email marketing. This Advanced Email Marketing course includes creating powerful marketing strategies, email strategies and generating interesting advertisements to promote brands, products and services to catch the eye of the customers.

3.Website Conversion Rate Optimization Certification Training

With this training, one can optimize a website for higher conversions. This means, utilizing the existing traffic on a brand’s website and converting them into potential customers. The Simplilearn training course on conversion rate optimization will give you the skills to understand why there aren’t enough sales and the best possible way to increase sales on the website. Website conversion is a valuable tool to integrate into your digital marketing strategies. 

4.Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training

A course in PPC involves understanding ad bidding, Google analytics, conversion optimization, keyword organizing, advertising campaigns, landing page quality etc. Running online ads is essentially the foundation of digital marketing, so it is critical to understand how to run high-performing PPC campaigns. Simplilearn digital marketing courses break down this complex concept into easily understandable modules so that you can become a digital marketing expert in no time!

5.Advanced Social Media Certification Program

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube etc. have become the most powerful platforms for a brand to reach potential customers. A digital marketer today must know the ins and outs of all good social media platforms as well as how to best leverage them to achieve a brand’s business goals. This course focuses on different social media strategies, content writing, content marketing, Google analytics, data management, social media engagement etc. 

6.Advanced Mobile Marketing Certification Training

Advanced Mobile Marketing Certification Training is one of the most efficient Simplilearn digital marketing courses since most customers today view content on their mobile phones. Using mobile as an effective marketing platform is essential if you want to widen your audience base. Simplilearn online courses give you tips and tricks to generate sales leads and create a customer base with efficient mobile marketing.  

Simplilearn certificate value

The Simplilearn certificate value is huge when added to your resume, as it is one of the world’s major e-learning platforms. Projects, case studies, and exams are required to be completed by professionals before the certificates are issued, to ensure that they are ready for practical application of the education. These digital marketing courses with certificates aren’t just for existing professionals who want to upskill themselves, but also for people starting their digital marketing journey. Successfully completing a Simplilearn course is sure to open several doors for your career. 

If you are planning on enrolling yourself in one of Simplilearn’s online courses for digital marketing, the price of these courses might prove to be a hurdle. With ZestMoney, however, you can easily pay for the course through no-cost EMI. Simply sign up for ZestMoney credit and choose the ZestMoney option when paying for the digital marketing course! Now, there’s nothing standing between you and your career goals. 

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