With the entire world becoming so interconnected, most of us now carry our work or entertainment with us wherever we go. Owning one of the best laptops from the latest range can make your work easier and faster than ever before. But along with a good laptop, you also need certain laptop accessories that go hand-in-hand with it. The best laptop accessories can improve your laptop’s performance and give it a longer life. The fact that these accessories will also add to your experience of interacting with your digital best friend is just an extra benefit. 

Here is a curated list for you to go through while looking for must-have laptop accessories, including the likes of best laptop cases, cooling mats, wireless mice, and how you can buy them without burning a hole in your pocket

Laptop Cases

Getting a laptop case with a new laptop is a no-brainer. The best laptop cases are ones that are not only sleek and easy to carry around but provide enough protection and padding to protect your device from shocks. Cases should also ideally have enough pockets to safely store your additional gadgets.

Laptop cases are generally of two broad categories. They either come as a backpack with a built-in laptop area or as padded sleeves that are generally smaller in size. 

While the backpacks can boast of added space for accessories to fit in and greater ease in carrying heavy laptops, they are also very bulky. Sleeves, on the other hand, occupy less space and are better looking. While sleeves can be slightly expensive, you can always buy it on EMI and avoid making a one-time payment

Your laptop cases don’t necessarily have to be drab and monochrome. There are many brands that offer an interesting collection of quirky and affordable laptop cases to choose from.

Textured laptop sleeve by Hamelin_best laptop accessories

This stylish denim textured laptop sleeve by Hamelin available on Myntra is the perfect accessory to carry your laptop in style. 

Keyboard Accessories 

Any list about essential laptop accessories cannot be complete without the mention of an external keyboard and a keyboard skin. If your work at your laptop doesn’t involve extensive typing sessions, then the in-built keyboard you get with laptops shall be enough. However, if you are someone who tends to type a lot throughout the day, the edges of your laptop tend to dig into your skin with prolonged use of the in-built keyboard. Not only is this unhealthy in the long run, it also makes the entire experience uncomfortable beyond belief. 

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to get an external keyboard. Along with the aforementioned benefit, an external keyboard also allows you to play multiplayer games with ease, and it is easier to clean. 

Keyboard skins are among the best laptop gadgets that help your device stay clean. Super thin sheets, generally made of silicon or other stretchable material, skins cling to your keyboard keys, protecting them from getting dirty. Skins protect your keyboard from accidental spills, oil deposits that come from contact, and miniscule dust particles.

Cleaning keyboard skins are super easy- just peel them off, wash off the dirt, and place them back on once dried. Voila! You have just ensured a longer and cleaner life for your keyboard. 

Colourful keyboard skin from Amazon_best laptop accessories

This colourful keyboard skin is available on Amazon and will protect your keyboard from scratches and accidental spills. 

External Mice

Just like the in-built keyboard that comes with laptops, the in-built mouse also is one that is not meant for long-term, intensive use. With issues such as these, external mice become one of the must-have laptop accessories that you can lay your hands on. 

The external mice can be connected to the laptop through USB Cables, or Bluetooth. One of the exclusive benefits of having an external mouse is that you can customize it to your liking based on whether you are a right or a left-handed person. In that regard, external mice are ambidextrous, and thus, much more accommodative. Definitely one of the best laptop accessories in the market!

Wireless mouse by HP_best laptop accessories

This wireless mouse by HP available on Flipkart is as stylish as it is functional. 

Cooling Mats

It doesn’t matter how fancy your laptop is, there comes a time in every device’s life where it starts heating up after long durations of use. The best way to avoid heating issues is to make sure your laptop is on a solid plain surface, like that of a table, at all times. However, it is just easier to use laptops from the comfort of one’s bed. In such cases, a cooling mat helps solve all your woes. 

You can use cooling mats even when your laptop is on a table. These mats often come with rubber stops which help them stay in place, and have small fans to ensure even distribution of heat, and thereby prevent overheating of laptops. 

Cooling mat from Amazon_best laptop accessories

This cooling mat available on Amazon can extend your laptop’s lifespan and maintain high performance!

Audio Accessories 

 Audio accessories have to be the best laptop accessories ever made to improve your experience of using your device. Whether it is an external Bluetooth speaker, or just a pair of headphones, audio accessories are the best laptop gadgets to invest in. 

Whether you are watching movies, listening to podcasts, or on a conference video call, you need the best sound quality, which in-built speakers don’t always deliver upon. In such cases, headphones specifically created for the richest sound experience, like the ones from Bose, Boat, or Skullcandy will come to your rescue. 

These headphones again, can either be used through USB cables or Bluetooth connections. If it’s the latter, make sure you also pick a headphone stand that incorporates a charging port within itself. If you’re also planning on buying one of the top phones of 2020, you should make sure that the headphones are compatible with the model you’re interested in. 

Bluetooth headphones by boAt_best laptop accessories

These Bluetooth headphones by boAt available on Flipkart promise unbelievable sound quality and in-ear comfort. 

USB Cables

Any list for essential laptop accessories isn’t complete without a mention of USB cables. The best part about any USB connector is perhaps its universality. With the Universal Serial Bus being as widely known and used as it is today, it is perhaps the connector used in every laptop accessory, ever. 

Whether you are talking about external keyboards, headphones, hard drives, or even power banks, having a USB connector ensures that you can use all of these accessories without a hitch. Make sure to buy a cable that comes with a long warranty, and is known for its durability. 

These must-have laptop accessories are sure to upgrade your laptop’s performance, as well as enhance your user experience. So grab your fun laptop accessories today as you head out with your most prized device! Can’t wait to get your hands on these latest laptop accessories but your savings are holding you back/ With ZestMoney credit, you no longer have to worry! All you need to do is sign up for your ZestMoney credit and you can then use this credit to purchase any product you want on Amazon, Flipkart, and more. The best part is, you can pay back the credit using no-cost EMI on a tenure of your choosing. Sign up now to get started!

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