We have an ironic relationship with technology. As we evolve being dependent on our TVs, laptops, and phones, our life has become more sedentary than ever. However, there are some innovations that not just serve their purpose, but add significant value to our lifestyle. One such innovation is the smartwatch. From looking down at our wrists just to see the time, some of the smartwatch features help you check your tasks for the day, take calls, store your pictures, and even edit documents right on your wrist. However, there are smartwatches that go a step further and help detect heart-related conditions, fluctuations in blood pressure, and surprisingly, monitor COVID symptoms as well!

While we have the technology to blame for our lack of exercise and overall fitness, several smartwatch users have noticed their motivation to work out and reflect on their health and wellbeing has increased after their purchase. Some even go as far as to narrate instances where their smartwatch has saved their life. With a technology that handy (pun intended), let’s explore some of the most useful smartwatch features that can help in keeping your health on track:


1. Sleep Monitor: How is your quality of sleep?

Sleep monitor smartwatch feature

If you’re someone that finds it hard to sleep or are woken up by the slightest rustle, this feature is your friend.  It’s important that you get 6-8 hours of sleep, but what’s more important is that you get quality sleep. Your sleep needs to transition into REM and deep stages for your body to be replenished, memory to improve, and for you to function at your best when you wake up the next morning. 

Smartwatches like Amazfit Band 6,  Fitbit Smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 6, and even affordable brands like Huawei Fitwatch, have sleep analysis technology to measure your quality of sleep and indicate if you have sleep apnea, or that you need to rest more. With a feature like this, you can correct your sleep cycle and ensure that you’re fully pumped to start the day! A quiet room, meditation, and calming music: the formula for perfect sleep. Some of the best noise cancelling headphones that have studio-quality sound features, provide you with the ideal environment to slide into a  comfortable night of sleep. Don’t worry about the price to get your hands on one of these, you can avail 0% interest on EMI from ZestMoney.


2. Electrocardiogram (ECG Smartwatch): How healthy is your heart?

Smartwatch that monitors heart rate

Your heart rate can indicate how stable your heart is, however, to monitor your heart health, you need to go a step further. An Electrocardiogram, or ECG as we commonly know it, is a measure of your heart rate as well as your heart strength.  

While heart rate monitor watches are gaining popularity, an ECG smartwatch is one among the newer smartwatch features to level up how you monitor your health. Smartwatches like FitBit Sense, Apple Watch Series 4, and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 give you comprehensive data about your heart. This way, with data about your pulse, atrial fibrillation, or sinus rhythms,  a heart rate monitor watch makes it easier to detect your heart abnormalities early to prevent cardiac arrests, blockages, or poor heart health. If you want to take preventive measures, you can even use the smartwatch for calorie tracker features.

The only thing you should be watching is the steps on your pedometer watch, not the price! Through ZestMoney, get your smartwatch and other gadgets you’re eyeing for on EMI with zero down payments!


3. Blood Oxygen and SpO2 Sensor: Are your breathing and lungs normal?

Blood oxygen checking smartwatch feature

With the spawn of COVID-19, we’ve started paying closer attention to our breathing and lung health more than ever. Now is the ideal time to invest in a smartwatch for health, especially when some of the features include a SpO2 sensor that detects any respiratory abnormalities. A 95-100% Blood-oxygen level is ideal, but anything otherwise indicates signs of heart function issues, lung abnormalities, or even neurological problems. 

Samsung, Apple Watch Series 6, Morvoi, and certain FitBit models come with LED clusters to detect blood-oxygen levels so you’re always just one glance away from knowing when you need support. When a single device can do wonders for monitoring your health, don’t let price be a concern, get any smartwatch of your choice on EMI through ZestMoney. 


4. Stress Monitor- Are you paying attention to your stress levels?

stress-monitoring smartwatch

Stress is often overlooked or digested as an issue that comes with the nature of our fast-paced lifestyle. However, high levels of stress can lead to serious concerns about your heart, fertility, and most importantly, your mental wellness. Among all the available options, FitBit Sense as a smartwatch for health monitoring offers the most advanced insight into taking the pulse of your stress levels, anxiety, and how to neutralise your heart rate. 

If working from home is causing you stress, maybe pay attention to your workload, or even your study desk and laptop. Slower laptops, an uncluttered study desk, an unstable internet connection are a few of the many factors that can indirectly contribute to stress at work. Maybe it’s time to rethink your essentials for your home office setup. Do you have adequate lighting? A comfortable, ergonomic chair? Explore the best work from home laptops from brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell with fast processors and large storage capacities to keep you productive and organised. Get all the gadgets you need to unburden your stress on EMI at 0% interest from ZestMoney


5. Menstrual Cycle Tracker- How conscious are you of your menstrual health?

periods tracking smartwatch features

Most people who menstruate are seldom aware of their cycles, fertility windows, or delays that could be a cause for concern. This information is vital to be aware of your body and stay tuned to all the changes you’re going through. 

Several smartwatch features might be available on a laptop, or even a phone, but when your watch is so personal and accessible to you, it seems to be the best platform to store and keep track of your menstrual information. When you have your menstrual cycle to keep track of, let affordability not add to your concerns, get your personal health-tracking smartwatch on EMI through ZestMoney at 0% interest!


6. Calorie Tracker- How nutritious is the food on your plate?

calorie and fitness tracking smartwatch

Most people might use their pedometer watch feature to count the number of calories they burn, but it’s equally important to know how much you’re taking in to have a comprehensive weight-loss journey. A watch for calorie tracker is especially useful for those with diabetes and heart concerns to stay on top of their health. Although the world of smartwatches is yet to develop the learning required to indicate diabetes, controlling your food and fitness is the best possible strategy to manage diabetes.

All these smartwatch features are designed to put your health first even when you forget to do so. There are several Smartwatches available under 5000, but if you want the best for your health, you can even purchase the smartwatch of your choice on sites like Amazon and Flipkart, and rely on ZestMoney to help you cover the costs through EMI on 0% interest or down payments! 


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