Buy Cycle on EMI

Gear up and brace yourself! Choose from the variety and buy the cycle on EMI that fits your cycling needs and also your budget needs!

Cycles are one of the handiest and most functional vehicles that serve numerous purposes. They are the best options for a multitude of things such as workouts, children’s playtime, relaxation, and so much more. Cycles from the beginning of time have been an excellent tool for serving everyday purposes right from going to the market to cycling to school, and with time they have become more sophisticated. Electric cycles, sports cycles, touring cycles, and mountaineering cycles, are a few of the many cycles that are available in the market  to fulfil your different needs like hobby and entertainment. 

You can purchase the cycle of your choice without worrying about budget constraints. You can buy cycle on EMI in a few easy-to-follow steps with ZestMoney. You can also buy cycle online with any of our partners like Amazon and Flipkart. Additionally,  you  can visit any physical EMI cycle shop of ZestMoney’s partners and buy a sports cycle or electric cycle on EMI of your choice!

Table of contents 

  • Benefits of buying cycle on EMI
  • Choose from the best options of cycles in the market
  • How do I buy cycle on EMI with ZestMoney?
  • Frequently Asked Questions on buying cycle on EMI

Benefits of buying cycle on EMI

1. Zero Pre-Closure Fees: Buy electric cycle or sports cycle, any cycle of your choice without worrying about the pre-closure fees with ZestMoney!

3. No-Cost EMI: No-cost EMI** divides the cost equally over many months, it is a pocket-friendly option, making it easy for you to buy your preferred cycle on EMI online.

4. Flexible Repayment Options: You can select the best EMI plan that caters to your needs and wants. ZestMoney also offers flexible EMI plans that lets you buy your bicycle on installments, helping you manage your financial and personal needs better.

Choose from the best options of cycles in the market

Parallel to the rise in modern features in a cycle is the rise in the prices for the same. Budget constraints shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your hobby of terrain cycling or participating in a cyclothon! Buy an electric cycle or buy a sports cycle on EMI with ease through ZestMoney. 

1. Hybrid Riverside 500

Buy this Decathlon cycle on EMI, which has an excellent brake control and is perfect for leisure riding. 

Price: Rs. 26,999* on Decathalon

ZestMoney EMI Price: Rs. 2,999* for 9 months

2. Mountain Bike Rockrider XC100

Purchase this bicycle on EMI which is not only lightweight but is designed to help you ride cross-country with ease and comfort.  

Price: Rs.94,999* on Decathlon

ZestMoney EMI Price: Rs.10,555* for 9 months

3. Omobikes Ladakh XC 700 C

With front suspension and dual grips brakes, this model lives upto the brand’s quality standards. Get this bicycle on EMI that is perfect for your sports cycle needs. 

Price: Rs.14,699* on Amazon

ZestMoney EMI Price: Rs.1,633* for 9 months

4. NINETY ONE Enigma R7 700C 

The Enigma R7 is home to an advanced electric system, LED Display, and excellent connectivity, buy electric cycle that fits your needs in a jiffy.  

Price: Rs.30,990* on Flipkart

ZestMoney EMI Price: Rs.3,443* for 9 months

These are a few of the best cycles in sports, mountaineering, leisure, and electric category. Buy any of these with ease through ZestMoney EMI.  

5. GHM EV Model L 26T

Buy this electric cycle on EMI with ZestMoney. Some of its unique characteristics are high carbon steel frame, power V frame, and 350 Watts Power Motor. 

Price: Rs. 25,999* on Amazon

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 2,888* for 9 months

How do I buy cycle on EMI with ZestMoney?

You can purchase any of these cycles of your liking with ZestMoney in a couple of trouble-free steps. 

1. Signup with ZestMoney

You can sign up with ZestMoney through a mobile verification process which takes place after you provide your personal details on the sign-up page. 

2. Activate your credit limit

To build your credit limit, you need to first activate it on the ZestMoney platform. For this, complete the KYC procedure and set up your repayment options or procedure.   

3. Choose your favourite online retailer 

ZestMoney has partnered with some of the biggest retailers including Amazon and Decathlon. Through these retailers, you have plenty of options to buy bicycle on EMI or sports cycle on EMI or even electric cycle on EMI.  

4. Choose your EMI plan

Once you have selected the cycle of your choice, proceed to checkout. At the payment stage, choose from one of the many ZestMoney’s EMI plans as your payment option.  

5. EMI Plan Approved 

Congrats! Your EMI plan has been approved and your purchase has been placed! According to the retailer, your cycle will be delivered shortly. 

*These prices are subject to change based on the retailer and market value

Frequently Asked Questions on buying cycle on EMI

Where in India can I buy cycles on EMI?

You can buy bicycle online from several shops like Amazon, Flipkart, Decathlon or even in an in-store EMI cycle shop. With ZestMoney you can easily avail no-cost EMI** and buy your favourite cycle on EMI.

Which cycle is the best for mountaineering that I can buy online?

Some of the best mountaineering bikes are Hero Duran and even Leader TORFIN. Although the cycle prices online might be on the higher side, you can easily afford it through ZestMoney and avail EMI options. 

How to buy bicycle online on EMI?

ZestMoney allows you to buy electric, sports, and kids’ bicycle on EMI. Activate your credit limit and shop with ZestMoney partners and get your preferred cycle on EMI.

Can I buy cycle on EMI without credit card?

Yes, with a few simple steps you can do this. All you have to do is sign up and purchase from ZestMoney partners. Gradually, you can build your credit score by repaying on time and then proceed to buy your cycle without any hassle.

Can I buy a bicycle with no-cost EMI?

The cycle prices online or even in-store can be really high! But not to worry, with ZestMoney, when you choose the 3-month repayment option, you can avail no-cost EMI and buy the cycle of your choice in just a few clicks!