Ever since the IT industry started booming, software engineering and web development have grown in popularity. With several multinational companies establishing a base in India, software engineers, programmers, and web designers have become highly paid, highly sought after occupations. Now, with digital taking over the world and the pandemic altering the landscape of many businesses, the demand and pay for software and web developers have further increased along with the demand for web designing & development. There are many web development courses with certificates that can help you land such roles. So if you’re looking to alter your field of occupation this year or just looking to upskill, here are some of the best web development courses that you can take advantage of in 2022.

1. Front End Web Development by Great Learning

This front end developer course by Great Learning is a 100% online learning program you can take at your own pace on the course website or the mobile app. Featuring 20.5 hours of lessons from highly-qualified instructors, and interactive assignments, quizzes and guided projects, this web development course will train you for a job role of a front-end developer in the IT industry. In the end, a verified web developer certification will also be provided which can help boost your resume further.

Course Details 

Course Duration 20.5 Hours 
Modules Offered 
  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
Job Roles  Front-end Developer
Prerequisites (if any) None
Other Offerings Guided Projects, 5+ Assignments & Quizzes, Discussion Support

Course Fee: Rs. 3,999*

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 444* over 9 months

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2. Full Stack Web Development Course by Udacity 

This is one of the best web development courses designed specifically for those who are looking to secure a software engineer, web application developer, full-stack python application developer job role. In this full stack development course by Udacity you will learn to design and develop database-backed APIs and web applications, which means you are bound to get the entire web development training experience. In order to get the best out of the programme, it is recommended to have experience in writing and testing an object-oriented programming language.

Course Details 

Course Duration 4 months
Modules Offered 
  1. SQL and Data Modeling for Web 
  2. API Development and Documentation
  3. Identity Access Management 
  4. Server Deployment and Containerization
Job Roles  Software Engineer, Back-End Developer, Web Application Developer, Full Stack  Python Application Developer
Prerequisites (if any) Prior experience with CSS/HTML, Python and Git
Other Offerings Technical mentor support, student community, resume and career support. Real world projects, project feedback from top reviewers

Course Fee: Rs. 63,956* for 4 months access or Rs. 22,849* per month Pay as You Go 

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 7106* over 9 months

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3. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals by Udacity | Best web development course for web designing  fundamentals 

This 2-week web design and development course by Udacity equips every student with the fundamentals of responsive web design with the opportunity to develop a unique responsive web page optimised for every modern day digital device. Featuring informative and rich content, quizzes, and practical projects you will be guided by industry professionals in your pursuit of becoming a web designer, web application developer or a software engineer in the future. This is one of the many web development courses with certificates to further enhance your resume!

Course Details

Course Duration 2 Weeks
Modules Offered 
  1. Introduction to responsive design 
  2. Introduction to the viewport 
  3. Building up with CSS
  4. Common Responsive Patterns 
  5. Optimizations
Job Roles  Software Engineer, Web Designer, Web Application Developer
Prerequisites (if any) Prior experience with CSS/HTML
Other Offerings Instructor videos, learn by doing exercises, interactive quizzes 

Course Fee: Free

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4. Post Graduate Diploma in Full Stack Software Development by Upgrad

Next in the list of best web development courses is this PG diploma in full stack software development by UpGrad. This online web development course is not only an intensive programme covering all aspects of a full stack web development course in-depth, it also includes mentor support, placement assurance, career support and development, and an industry project that will equip you with everything you need to hold the role of an advanced full stack developer. Along with web designing & development, since AI and data analytics are gaining significance, pursuing a data science certification may also help in widening your job opportunities and advancing your career.  

Course Details 

Course Duration 13 months
Modules Offered 
  1. Fundamentals of programming language with basic data structures (Java)
  2. Requirements Identification and Understanding the environment (Analytics/IOT/Cloud/DevOps)
  3. Designing and prototyping along with integration and testing 
  4. Object oriented programming and software engineering 
  5. Data structures & algorithms
  6. User interfaces, User Experience and Design
  7. Backend development 
  8. Software Architecture
  9. Software Deployment 
  10. Practical Application with an Industry Project
Job Roles  Full Stack Developer
Prerequisites (if any) Bachelor’s Degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks. No prior coding experience necessary.
Other Offerings Placement assurance, 4 months Executive certification in Data Science & Machine Learning for free, Over 9 projects and assignments, Total career support, Dedicated student mentors. 

Course Fee: Rs. 1,51,671* (Rs. 11,667 per month)

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 16,852 over 9 months

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5. Full Stack Web Developer MEAN Stack Course by Simplilearn | Best web development course to learn MEAN stack 

Simplilean’s full stack web developer course is one of the best web development courses  that offers a MEAN stack that encompasses highly-sought after web development skills like MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js plus other object-oriented programming languages. These will help you design and develop interactive web applications. With over 270 hours of in depth training, choice of 4 industry projects and several on-demand tools and skills, this is ranked the world’s #1 online web development course by Switch up and CourseReport and ensures instant job readiness for every enrollee. Further, combine this web development training programme with some of the best Simplilearn digital marketing courses to gain well rounded knowledge and experience about product and service marketing for business. 

Course Details

Course Duration 12 months
Modules Offered  Phase 1 – Introduction to Web Development
Phase 2 – Website creation using Front and Back-end frameworks
Phase 3 – Creating scalable and dynamic websites
Phase 4 – Application testing
Phase 5 – Capstone Project 
Skills Covered Agile, HTML, CSS, Express.js, HTTP, API Testing with Postman
Job Roles  Full Stack Developer
Prerequisites (if any) Any technical degree or equivalent (B. Tech, M.Tech, Engineering, Computer Science), basic programming knowledge 
Other Offerings 270 hours of in-depth training, 20+ on-demand tools and skills, choice of 4 capstone projects, 14 module end projects 

Course Fee: Rs. 44,999*

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 4,999* over 9 months

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6. Certification Programme in Back-end Development by UpGrad | Best web development course for back-end development 

This online web development course by UpGrad is specially designed for working professionals and includes 350+ hours of self-paced learning. In this 8-month certification course, you will develop a deeper understanding of web designing & development with back-end frameworks, DevOps and Cloud-Native Deployment. In addition, this course offers one-on-one personalised mentorship programmes, placement assistance, and web developer certification from Purdue University upon completion. This is one of the best web development courses with certificates to further boost your resume! Hence, no better time than now to push some academic boundaries in your web development career with this fantastic back end web development course from UpGrad. 

Course Details 

Course Duration 8 months
Modules Offered
  1. Fundamentals of Java Programming
  2. Distributed Systems & Cloyd bases
  3. Design & development of microservices
  4. Optimisation & testing of cloud-native applications
  5. Capstone Project
Job Roles  Backend Developers, Java Developers, Software Engineers/Developers
Prerequisites (if any)
  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Bachelor’s degree completion encouraged. 
  • Hands-on experience in one or more object-oriented programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) like arrays, sets, dictionaries & linked lists, etc.
Other Offerings Placement assistance & career support, 1 on 1 mentorship from back-end developers & industry experts

Course Fee: Rs. 2,60,000*

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 28,888* over 9 months

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7. Web Developer Certification Training by Edureka

This web developer certification training course by Edureka is a beginner course for those who desire to gain knowledge on various programming languages and keys to website development. The course runs for 5 weeks only on Saturdays and Sundays and is ideal for working professionals who are able to dedicate only weekends to upskilling themselves. Learn from web designing & development industry experts on how to create websites using object-oriented programming languages and earn a web developer certification upon completion. Further, enrollees get lifetime access to all the content, 24×7 support and the opportunity to be part of a global community forum. You can even combine this programme with an online management course to help with your overall professional development. If you are just getting started or switching careers right now, this is one of the best web development courses for you.

Course Details 

Course Duration 5 Weeks (Sat & Sun)
Modules Offered 
  1. Deploying the first Website to Amazon S3
  2. HTML 5
  3. CSS
  4. CSS 3
  5. Java Script
  6. Twitter Bootstrap 3
  7. Projects 
  8. Bootstrap ScrollSpy, jQuery and jQuery UI
  9. Ajax, Google APIs, Social Plugins
  10. Projects
Job Roles  Software Engineer, Front end Developer, Back-end Developer, Web Developer
Prerequisites (if any) No prior programming knowledge or experience required. Basic computer science knowledge is helpful. 
Other Offerings Lifetime Access to content, 24×7 Expert Support, Global community forum 

Course Fee: Rs. 17,995

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 1,999* over 9 months

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8. Java Certification by Intellipaat 

Master Java with this comprehensive Java certification course by Intellipaat. In this web development course, you have an option to choose between a self-paced training format where you will receive 80 hours of video training and 24×7 support with job assistance and access to study content; and an online classroom format where you will have an additional 40 hours of instructor-led training, one-on-one doubt resolution support and a flexible schedule to suit your lifestyle. If you’re looking to do a Java full stack developer course, a Java certification can act as a good starting point as it is one of the best web development courses in the market today.

Course Details 

Course Duration 80 Hours (Self Paced Training), 120 Hours (Online Classroom)
Formats  Self-paced Training

Online Classroom

Modules Offered 
  1. OOP Concept Indepth Study 
  2. Java Programming with classes and objects
  3. Working with XML files
  4. Communicating with database through JDBC
  5. Java conditions, data types and loops
  6. Service-oriented architecture with web service
  7. Being in-line with Java certification
Job Roles  Software Engineer, Java full stack Developer, Programmer, Data Administrator, Web Developer
Prerequisites (if any) No prerequisites. A basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming is useful.
Other Offerings Lifetime Free Upgrade 24×7 Lifetime Support and Access, 1 on 1 Doubt resolution sessions

Course Fee: Rs. 9,006* (Self Paced Training), Rs. 18,012* (Online Classroom) 

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 1,000* over 9 months

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9. Online UX Designer Course by Udacity

UX Designer courses are some of the most underrated web developer courses in the market today. The demand for UI and UX developers are increasing as marketers are understanding the importance and significance of user experiences when it comes to engaging consumers with the product being marketed. In this programme, you will learn intensive web designing & development along with how to create exceptional user experiences for products and services and build a strong portfolio that showcases your creativity and skill in transforming research data into interactive web designs. This is one of the best web development courses with certificates to further improve your resume! Additionally, you can double up on a web design and development course to expand your knowledge and experience further. 

Course Details 

Course Duration 3 Months
Modules Offered 
  1. UX Fundamentals and Design Research
  2. Concept to Low-Fidelity Prototyping 
  3. High-Fidelity Prototyping to Post-Launch Analysis
  4. Capstone project – UX portfolio design
Job Roles  Design/UX researcher, UX designer, Product designer, Visual Designer, Design Lead, Interaction Designer, UX Writer, UX Design Strategist
Prerequisites (if any) No prerequisites. Basic computer skills only. 
Other Offerings Flexible learning, career support, technical mentor support, student community, personalized project feedback

Course Fee: Rs. 47,967* (3 Months) or Rs. 22,849* (PAYG)

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 5,329* over 9 months 

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10. Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development (DevOps Specialization) by UpGrad

This PG diploma in software development is a 13-month online web development training course designed for those who have a brief understanding of web processes and are looking to specialise in DevOps. In this course, you will learn to deliver web designing & development services and applications at a high velocity for large organisations. The skills covered in the programme will make you ready for roles like a DevOps engineer, Back-End developer or Software developer. Couple this with a front end developer course or a full stack development course to have well rounded knowledge and experience of all the web development processes needed to build an intuitive website from the ground up.

Course Details 

Course Duration 13 Months
Modules Offered 
  1. Fundamentals of Programming Language with basic data structures (Java)
  2. Requirements Identification and Understanding the environment 
  3. Designing and prototyping along with integration and testing 
  4. Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering 
  5. Data structures and algorithms 
  6. Introduction to Software engineering and Agile methodology
  7. Deployment Perspective: Agile, DevOps, Code and Versioning 
  8. DevOps: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment 
  9. DevOps – Advanced Topics 
  10. Practical Application: Industry Project
Skills Covered Agile methodology for integration and deployment, creating software lifecycle, SDLC processes, CICD Pipeline
Job Roles  DevOps Engineer, Software Developer, Backend Developer 
Prerequisites (if any) Bachelor’s Degree with 50% passing marks. Prior experience with coding is not required.
Other Offerings Career support, technical mentor support, student community, placement assurance

Course Fee: Rs. 1,51,671* (Rs. 11,667 per month)

ZestMoney EMI: Rs. 16,862* over 9 months

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Although this is not an exhaustive list of online web development courses, they are popular, high-rated courses that many enrolled students and alumni attest to being beneficial to their career. Why don’t you take this opportunity during the lock-down and WFH life (while you have the advantage of extra time) to enrol in an online course to upskill yourself this year? Get hold of various web development courses with certificates to further improve your skills as well as upskill your resume!

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