A lifestyle that includes a daily dose of exercise is one that helps boost overall health and body fitness. If you find yourself hesitating about getting a gym membership due to fear of commitment or just simple budget constraints, setting up a home gym may just be the solution for you. Building a gym setup for home workouts need not take a lot of time and money. Moreover, with plenty of online workout resources from renowned fitness trainers it’s becoming increasingly easier and cheaper to achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your home.

With many home gym setup ideas arising more so due to the pandemic, people can now choose the best home gym setup that perfectly suits their training routine. In this blog, we will show you how to set up a home gym in 5 easy steps that helps you achieve your fitness goals on a budget.


Step 1: Find a comfortable space to workout

The first step when you set up a home gym is to find yourself the best place in your home to workout. Depending on your style of workout, choose a space or a room that you feel might be best suitable for an unhindered workout session. If you primarily stretch, do yoga, pilates or core exercises, a space that fits a yoga mat would be more than sufficient. If HIIT workouts are your go to, ensure you have a lot more space including a solid surface that you can jump on. A weight lifting workout with weight equipment would most probably require a room of its own. Some other considerations while choosing a space would be ventilation, floor material and light. Overall, whether it’s an unused garage, corner of a room, outside patio, choose a space that you would be most comfortable sweating in.


Step 2: Stock up on the right equipment 

The next step when you set up a home gym for yourself is to stock up on specific gym equipment according to your style of workout. Investing in an expensive all in one gym machine is no use if your exercises mainly include mat workouts. Carefully catering your home gym setup ideas to your fitness level, budget and space will help you ensure you have the right equipment for the right time, and gradually build on more equipment as you improve your fitness. The best home gym setup is one that has equipment that caters to cardio fitness, strength and muscle endurance, and flexibility and recovery. Here is a list of some great workout equipment that helps in promoting all of the above aspects:

Cardio Fitness

1. Powermax Fitness Treadmill TDA-125

powermaxx treadmill

Rated one of the best treadmills in India, this treadmill features speeds between 0.8 and 14kmph with 12 workout programs that you can track on a beautiful 5.5 LCD display screen. Explore its auto-incline features and shock spring technology that helps you break a sweat while being easy on your knees. This treadmill can also be easily folded and stowed away when not in use. Priced at Rs. 41,999* this cardio gym set up is available to purchase on Amazon.


2. Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill 

lifeline 4 in 1

This is ideal for those who are looking for all in one gym machine for cardio workouts that is compact and portable. A low budget yet high performance model that comes with 4 different cardio functions in one – manual treadmill, stepper, twister, and 3 level incline. With tracking functions for heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories, this treadmill ensures you get an all rounded cardio workout. Priced at only 11,999*, purchase this cardio equipment on Amazon.


3. Kamachi Heavy Duty Rowing Machine

Kamachi rowing machine

A rowing machine can be a great addition to a gym setup for home workouts. Offering the same, if not more, of a cardio workout as a treadmill, rowing machines also help build upper body strength simultaneously. Featuring an elegant design, solid steel build, comfortable padded seating, non-slip handle bars and foot pedals with adjustable straps, this rowing machine is priced at 13,999* on Amazon and is sure to give you your needed dose of cardio for the day.


4. Reach AB – 110 Air Bike Exercise Fitness Cycle 

reach ab bike

Stationary bikes are a great addition when you set up a home gym. Along with building lower body strength, they are also effective in burning serious calories. The Reach AB-100 Air Bike is one such bike that does not take up much room in your home but ensures you reach your workout goals for the day. With an ergonomic seating design, belt-drive resistance, and adjustable stationary or moving handles the air bike offers a full-body workout in a short time to those users with time constraints. Priced at only Rs. 7,999* on Amazon, this stationary bike is sure to give you value for your money.


Muscle Strength and Endurance

1. Lifeline MYSPOGA

lifeline myspoga

Improve your muscle and strength endurance with some of the best home gym equipment. This all in one gym machine features 6 stations allowing users to perform a variety of exercises like chest extensions, leg extensions, lat pull downs, ab workouts, bicep curls, and so much more. Priced at 33,960* on Amazon this exercise machine comes with a total of 180kg weights and is assured to provide users of all fitness levels a full-body workout.


2. Hashtag Fitness Home Gym Equipment Combo 

hashtag home gym combo

Adding a bench and some free weights to your gym setup for home can help enhance your workouts by giving you the flexibility to explore a plethora of muscle strengthening drills. Apart from its increasingly affordable price of Rs. 7,999 on Amazon, the Hashtag Combo allows every user to customize their workouts according to specific muscles they’re working on. Featuring a sturdy bench and plates, bars and dumbbells in a variety of weight ranges, this combo has got all you need to get toned the right way.


Flexibility and Recovery

It is important that you set up a home gym that equally accommodates for recovery after workouts. A yoga mat, foam roller or even a theraband that offers comfort and durability during flexibility, core strengthening exercise and stretching sessions will help you receive the necessary recovery your muscles need after heavy weight training. Further, it will help keep you injury-free in the long run.

1. VITFITKIT Yoga and Exercise Mat

vitfitkit yoga mat

This yoga mat comes in a 4mm thickness and is perfect for those who prefer thin and light cushioning while performing stretches. Its water resistance and anti-skid technology makes it ideal for those who sweat a lot as well. It comes with a carry bag for easy portability. Priced at Rs. 469* on Amazon, choose from an array of beautiful colours to perform your stretches on.

2. AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat

amazon basics yoga mat 13mm

With a 13mm thickness, this mat is ideal for those who are seeking extra support and cushioning for stretches or exercises that involve pressure on joints like the knee, elbow and wrist. Made of lightweight and durable foam, this mat ensures maximum performance and easy portability. For a slightly higher price of Rs. 1049* on Amazon you can certainly expect value for your money on this yoga mat.

3. Strauss Yoga Foam Roller

strauss foam roller

Foam rollers are great to relieve tension on sore and tight muscles after workouts. The Strauss Yoga Foam Roller comes in a lightweight eva foam material with a textured external surface that is perfect for massages and releasing muscle tension. Its waterproof and anti-skid technologies ensure effective pressure on those trigger points without causing friction or irritation on the skin. Priced between Rs. 464- 1200* on Amazon, this foam roller comes in many colours and can also be bought along with a massage ball or a yoga block.

4. Theraband Active Recovery Kits


Therabands can be used in a variety of ways for core exercises, stretches, strengthening and flexibility drills. This active recovery kit consists of three 5ft resistance bands in various elastic ranges that caters to people of all strength levels. These latex-free, lightweight and portable bands are priced at Rs. 1420 on Amazon and ensure get the necessary rehabilitation and recovery your muscles need.


Step 3: Plan your storage

Once you have purchased all you need for your workouts, congratulations! You have technically set up a home gym for yourself. Planning where to store all the equipment is the next step. For example, treadmills can be folded and tucked away in a corner, yoga mats may be rolled and stowed in a cupboard or under the bed. However, weight plates, dumbbells and barbells can occupy a lot of space in the room. Purchasing a rack or a stand for example, can help optimize space and make sure your weight equipment is stacked away tidily.


Fitness Youth 3-Tier Easy Grab Dumbbell Stand 

dumbbell stand

This dumbbell rack is a great weight storage organizer for a home gym. With a capacity of around 300kgs, its ergonomic design and steel build ensure your weights are stored in a safe and an easily accessible manner. Priced at Rs. 7,499* this dumbbell stand is available to purchase on Amazon.


Step 4: Design your gym setup

The best home gym setups are the ones that are designed to provide users with maximum productivity and efficiency during their sweat sessions. Rooms/spaces with plenty of ventilation and natural light streaming as opposed to closed, dark rooms that need artificial light have shown to be better for workouts. In addition, installing a mirror or finding a room that has an accessible mirror can help you monitor your form with ease. No matter what your workout style is, set up a home gym and design it in a way that motivates you to workout every day.  

 Step 5: Put it to use

You’ve got everything you need to put your gym to good use! Whether it’s mixing up different styles of workouts every week, or even inviting a friend over to workout with you, use your home gym in a way that motivates you toward better health.

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