Let’s be grateful for what we have and move forward.

Though we’re definitely more settled now than we were at the beginning of this lockdown, we’re all a little more afraid and more suspicious now than we were just a few weeks ago. And who can really blame us? 

At the rate at which we’re consuming information, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of what is happening, not only in our country but everywhere around the world. 

But this isn’t the time to simply reflect on what we’ve lost or are missing out on. Even though it’s difficult, we must take account of what we have and be grateful for it. 

At times like this, we can fully come to terms with how connected we are and how vulnerable we are because of this connection; what affects one, affects another. We can think about how our actions have an impact on everyone we’re in contact with. Times of crisis can make us feel more protective and closed off, but they can also give us perspective about what truly matters most to us: food, shelter, safety, family, and friends are just a few of them.

Take a moment, if not every day then every few days, to think about the things that we still have. It can be anything from doing okay at your job despite feeling out of sorts in quarantine to listening to your favourite song in the shower, but sit back and appreciate having it in your life. 

Not only does doing this make you more aware of your current situation, practising gratitude has been related to various mental health benefits. This can range from enhancing empathy for other people, reducing aggression and mood spikes, to increasing mental health under stress and improving self-esteem. It has also been connected by various studies to better sleep habits. 

Most importantly, this helps us remember that, though many of us have had to forsake convenience and preference, there are countless more who are fighting through this difficult time in worse circumstances. We’re so much stronger together when we can relate to each other, and we’ll be that much better for it when we reach the other side of this. 

Let’s start by being grateful for the little things today, and if you want to keep doing this after lockdown is over, even better!