Read what our team has to say!

  • ZestMoney bet on me by offering a Product role because I wanted to be in this field. During my first month here, people went out of their way to give the knowledge required to do my job better. Which is not an opportunity that would be provided everywhere! I am excited about my future with Zest and I cannot thank the people here enough for helping me.
    Adithya Sairam – Product Manager
  • Zest is a gateway to learn, design, innovate and keep you on your toes to explore different areas of life both professionally and personally. I feel amazing to be part of the ZestMoney journey.
    Abhishek Kundalia – Software Engineer
  • Working in ZestMoney has been a delightful experience, I love working here because of the open culture wherein we can express our opinions and suggestions. It provides for a workspace where we can actually see our work impacting the customers in a positive way and the feedbacks bring in immense satisfaction. I like how people here learn from each other and do not abstain from helping anyone.
    Vishaka Nagarajan – Software Engineer
  • The atmosphere here is really electric and engaging and energetic. ZestMoney has taught me so many technical as well as non-technical aspects which I'm really grateful for, I would like to thank my entire team for their support.    ”
    Sanjana Latkar – Product Support
  • ZestMoney has provided me the opportunity and liberty to dive into various aspects of designing, to explore new ideas and have an opinion of my own. I have a great team to work with and, an uplifting work environment. Blessed to be part of it.
    Neha Talukdar – Product Design