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Looking to buy a new iPhone? Buy iPhone on EMI without credit card at zero down payment using ZestMoney credit limit.

Have you been planning to buy an iPhone but its cost has been a barrier for you? Your iPhone becomes affordable when you buy iPhone on EMI without credit card or debit card with ZestMoney. iPhone is one of the most loved smartphone brands on the planet. It’s design, specs and features are almost unparalleled. So don’t compromise on your dream phone, just get a ZestMoney account and buy your iPhone on EMI at your nearest Apple, Sangeetha  store or at your favorite online retailer like Amazon and Flipkart.

Creating a ZestMoney account is super easy and completely online. ZestMoney assigns you a credit limit which you can then use to buy phone and many other things! You can also buy your iPhone at 0% interest on select EMI plans. So sign-up, activate your credit limit and get yourself a zero down payment iPhone online or offline on your preferred EMI plan.

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Why should you switch to iPhones?  

You’ve probably heard the iOS vs. Android debate atleast once in your life and while both sides have pros and cons, there’s a reason why iPhones are one of the most sold mobiles on the market. Here are a couple of reasons why you should make that switch to an iPhone:

  • Easy Interface: One of the best features of iPhones is it’s easy to use interface and simple design that’s simple to understand even for those allergic to tech.
  1. Supports all Apps: Most apps that get launched are available on the iOS App store while they may not always be available on the Google Play store. 
  2. Status Symbol: It’s seen as a symbol of prestige to own an iPhone, which is why most people opt for an iPhone over an android. 
  3. High Resale Value: iPhones have a great resale value and tend to bring you a great return on investment. 
  4. Seamless Integration: If you already have an Apple device, owning an iPhone is a great idea as it will seamlessly integrate with your device and make for easier use and convenience. 


Whether you are looking to buy a refurbished iPhone or a brand new one from the store, it’s always a great investment that is guaranteed to last you a long time. The only major con of iPhones is that they can be expensive to pay for in one shot, which is why most people tend to turn away from them. However, you can now buy your next apple iPhone in EMI with ZestMoney and pay the no-cost EMI within as many installments of your choice. If you are still hesitant, let’s discuss why when it comes to buying an iPhone, EMI is the best option! 

Why should you buy your iPhone on EMI?

There are many advantages of buying your iPhone on EMI. Below are a few of them:

    • Easy on Pocket: Purchasing an iPhone by paying the full price together can take your monthly budget off-track leaving you very less in savings for emergency needs. Paying in EMIs ensures that you have sufficient savings at all points of time.
    • Best iPhone Model gets Affordable: iPhone comes in many models and variants and the better ones come at a higher cost. When you pay on EMI, you do not need to pay the full cost and hence you can purchase a better model than you can buy on lumpsum.
    • Extra savings with 0% Interest: With the option of 0% interest, buying an iPhone on instalments becomes much more attractive since you are not charged any extra cost. At the same time, your bank account earns you interest on the money that you saved from paying upfront.

How to buy an iPhone with ZestMoney EMI?

  1. Signup for ZestMoney credit limit

    Signing up for a ZestMoney credit limit is very simple. Just verify your mobile number and you’re good to go!

  2. Activate your credit limit

    Complete your profile, submit the required KYC documents and set up your repayment to activate your credit limit.

  3. Decide preferred partner to buy your iPhone

    You can use your ZestMoney credit limit on Amazon, Flipkart  or 8000+ merchant partners to buy a phone.

  4. Choose the best EMI plan

    Select ZestMoney EMI as your payment method at preferred partner, you can choose the EMI plan as per your convenience.

  5. Congrats, your EMI is approved

    Your EMI plan will be approved and your order will be placed successfully. Partner will ship your product to you as per their delivery policy.

FAQs on iPhone on EMI

How can I buy an iPhone on EMI?

Signup with ZestMoney and submit your details. ZestMoney will provide you with a credit limit that you can use to buy iPhone on EMI on partner stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, Croma, Sangeetha Mobiles etc.

Can get a no cost** EMI iPhone with zero down payment?

ZestMoney allows you to buy a smartphone of your choice without any initial down payment. Register with ZestMoney and then use ZestMoney as your payment option at any of our online partners like Flipkart, Amazon, Sangeetha Mobiles, Apple Store etc. 

What are the benefits of using ZestMoney instead of other iPhone EMI options?

ZestMoney EMI offers a lot of benefits like 0% interest**, 0 down payment, 0 application fee, 0 processing fee, 0 pre-closure fees, and an option to shop at 3000 merchant partners for clothing, travel, furniture, insurance or education. Also, you can create a ZestMoney account within minutes as the complete process is online.

How to buy iPhone on EMI without credit card?

ZestMoney users do not need a credit card to buy iPhone on EMI. You can pay with ZestMoney EMI at our partner stores and easily buy a no cost** EMI iPhone or any other phone. Get your ZestMoney account today.

*0% interest/no-cost EMI applicable only on the Pay-in-3 option/select offerings

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